About Q and I

Q, as in question mark, was a baby growing inside of me that I, myself, will watch grow and develop over the coming years as I have been doing all along. My partner, Sean, is here with us, too, supportive and loving and along for the ride as we are.

Around the same time that I became a mom, I began to study with a spiritual teacher, healer and guide the arts of holistic healing, including energy work and psychotherapy. There is so much to learn about myself so I can be most effective in these areas where I hope to dedicate the rest of my life; as it turns out, motherhood is as good a place to learn the big lessons as any.

As international teachers, Sean and I have lived and worked in Korea, Australia, and Kuwait, and traveled extensively in each region. We are currently living in and loving Guatemala for its beautiful year-round spring weather and green vistas, and for the wonderful support network we have cultivated as we ride the waves of this new, huge life change.