3/24 – I Didn’t Write Today

I didn’t write today.

I walked with my family in our neighbourhood, noticing the contrast of razor-wire, birdsong and sunshine for the umpteenth time.

I watched Get Out and had my heart and mind blown wide open.

I ate banana pancakes, made by my husband, while reflecting on conversations from last night’s happy hour about how language affects race, how maybe racism is sometimes just the laziness of getting to know someone different than you, of how change has to happen from the inside out.

I went to a Minnie-themed child’s birthday party and watched a loving family sing this song, new to me, while dancing with their little girl in their arms.

I packed for our first international trip with Q (not including Canada, which is homepart2).

I don’t know where the time went but I certainly didn’t not write.

#SOL18 – 3/24

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  1. aggiekesler says:

    While you didn’t write, you certainly lived. 😊 It’s okay if you miss a day. You’re back today, and that’s what matters.


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