3/22 – No One is Ever Prepared

I didn’t know them very well but now they are all that I can think about. A family I used to live and work with at an international school in Kuwait with lost their 11-month old daughter yesterday. She was the exact same age as Q. And just as healthy.

She died of pneumonia in California. Was I crazy to believe our medicine is stronger than that?

Members of my old community are holding a virtual candlelight vigil in their honour, tonight at 8PM PST.  We will send a video of our own lit candle to join so many others now living around the world in a symbolic gesture of support that will hopefully provide the tiniest bit of comfort.  I look at my little boy and I have no idea how I would possibly go on living without him. I imagine that to be exactly how they are feeling right now.

This is not my grief, but I have found there to be a fine line between a runaway imagination and deep compassion. No one is ever prepared for this kind of sudden loss, and yet so many all over the world are forced to suffer it every day.  It’s so hard to know how to support, beyond making sure they know we are thinking of them, beyond the financial help we each can give.

So think of them I do. And love my loved ones just a little more than usual, remembering that nothing in this crazy life is guaranteed.  But I am here now.  And I am doing all I can to be sure that as few moments of my life as possible are spent not full of love.



3/22 – #SOL18

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  1. I am so sorry for this loss. It is hard to know how to help, but your efforts will make a difference as this family grieves their loss.


  2. mgminer says:

    I’m so sorry. Your writing about this event is so tender and compassionate. I’m sure your thoughts and heartfelt messages will be a comfort to your friends.


  3. Leigh Anne Eck says:

    I cannot even imagine losing a child. My heart goes out to them. No, it is not your grief, yet it is everyone’s. In spirit, in prayer, in support. That is true compassion for something that is bigger than ourselves.


    1. Mel Marie says:

      Thank you that is beautifully said, and captures exactly how I feel even though I couldn’t say it that way.


  4. Your post is a lovely way for you to share overpowering emotions and work through them. You are doing all that is possible right now. They will need a lot of support and kindness as time goes by.


  5. Unimaginably sad, yet you have to imagine it.
    I think your candlelight vigil- international- will be a comfort to this family.
    I hope you will follow up as well.


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