3/15 – Lovely Fridge

Some days I have no ideas.

Some days it’s too full.

At times I open it to find

Things tumbling with the pull.

Some weeks I just stumble along,

Getting by at best.

Others I can’t find the time

To get through all I’ve planned with zest.

The fridge is like my mind you see,

both organized and not.

And when it’s stacked in neat, strong rows

Those weeks I’ve got a shot!



3/15 – #SOL18

4 Comments Add yours

  1. LDietrichPF says:

    I feel exactly the same way about the fridge. If it’s organized and I’ve meal prepped, I feel so much better about my life!


  2. Alice Nine says:

    You said it all! I like the fridge-mind simile. I’m sure a lot can be concluded about me on any given day just by looking into my fridge.


  3. alexpapp says:

    This is so fun. One of my third graders was just asking for some examples of symbolism. I’m going to show her this tomorrow.


  4. “The fridge is like my mind.” That explains it so well. It’s just so much effort to get organized and discipline to plan and prepare those meals, but it sure pays off.


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